I’m a New York City-based writer, food culturalist, and sometimes-fashionista. My first professional job in food was as a pastry chef, where I brought Lenotre to a place that didn’t know him.  I eventually ended up at Goldman Sachs as executive chef of partners dining then VP of corporate food services operations. I’ve been obsessed with food as reality and as a cultural prism as well as something to eat and something to nurture with – particularly ice cream. My work is at Lucky Peach, Edible Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens, Extra Crispy, Chowhound/cbs, Frenchly, Best American Poetry, Spark: A Creative Anthology, Christian Science Monitor, The Danforth Review, The Red Rose Review, One Million Stories and other publications. I first learned to cook on a sailboat I lived on then in City Island. I have bright yellow hair, and I’ve always loved the ungentrified parts of Brooklyn.

Website: karenresta.com

Instagram: karenresta

Twitter: @KarenResta