is a New York City-based writer, food culturalist, and sometimes-fashionista. From her first food job as a pastry chef to her former career at Goldman Sachs as executive chef of partners dining then VP of all corporate food services operations, she’s been obsessed with food as reality and cultural prism. Her short stories, poetry, and nonfiction are at Lucky Peach, Edible Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens, Extra Crispy, Chowhound/cbs, Frenchly, Best American Poetry, Spark: A Creative Anthology, Christian Science Monitor, The Danforth Review, The Red Rose Review, One Million Stories and other publications. She first learned to cook on the sailboat she lived on in City Island, has bright yellow hair, and loves the ungentrified parts of Brooklyn.

Website: karenresta.com

Instagram: karenresta

Twitter: @KarenResta